Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red topper & Cali

I had the time of my life in Cali. I haven't been on vacation since beginning of last fall. Even over Christmas break I did 4 shoots while in St. George. I literally got teared up on the plane flying out. Here's a quick rundown... 1/2 day of the spa, Drag queen BINGO & Hamburger Marys & A.I on Tivo, sleeping in, In-&-Out mmmm, Getty Villas, saw a wild dolphin from the balcony of Duke's restaurant in Malibu, 2 lifetime movies, smutty novel on the beach, tanning salon (Greta came out to the beach w/ me on my second day on the beach, she wrapped herself in blanket trying to avoid the wind, she finally looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said - "if we can leave I'll take you to the tanning salon & buy you whatever you want!". I said "I was hoping you would say that!"), 5.5 hour movie theater extravaganza, 2 trips to El Pollo Loco, mani/pedi, shopping at the prominod, Sprinkles cupcakes in Beverly hills, 2 birthday dins at some serious delic restaurants, birthday cake for breakfast & last but not least lots of girl talk & giggling with my Best Friend!! Love you Greta!!

These were taken at the Hidden Restaurant in Venice taken on Greta's camera, I've got more photos on my iphone but for the life of me can't find my cord to upload them. Good Gad that's frustrating looking for things. Enjoy these & I imagine I'll be loading a few more on FB.


Jami said...

I LOVE the hair... now I'm not the only red head in the family!

hijodi said...

Love your hair Em!!! So stylin'

Ryan McCoy said...

glad you had a great time! Your hair does look fabulous!