Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marrisa 2009

Marissa, great outfit & prop choices!! Like I said, I LOVED the book ones!! Oh, and impressive fake laugh. :) I still can't believe I found my earring. They are going to be a treasured pair forever now. I'll think of you every time I wear them. tee hee. (to let the rest of you in, when I was in St. George last month I lost 1 of my brand new earrings while I was shooting my nephew's 3 yr old pix. I was totally bummed when I realized it. So, I took Marissa to the same location because I have a total crush on all the junk there. I was telling Marissa where to sit & looked down & there it was in the dirt!! I was estatic!! What are the chances. This place is about 5 football fields filled to the brim of junk & I found my lowly earring. I must be live'n right!!)

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