Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Anyone want a free photo shoot?

I'm just dying to shoot on Temple Square w/ all the conference spring flowers. Yesterday was gorgeous, I had 3 sessions yesterday & got a little sun, my little nose is just a touch rosey. Today is supposed to be 70!!! I feel like spring is FINALLY here!!

To celebrate does anyone want a FREE SESSION on Temple Square?

TO WIN - Put my button on your blog (if you don't have a blog - forward the email to 10 people). Email me with the answers the following ?'s by TEN PM TONIGHT!!. (emilie@photobyemilie.com)

1. Did you put my button on your blog?
2. What is your Name, email address & phone number?
3. What time on Friday, April 10th can you do your session?
4. What's your favorite Easter Candy? (mine is Cadbury mini eggs for sure!!)
I will draw & post a winner TONIGHT at 10pm.

(I didn't take this pic, a lady named Linda did. It's so pretty!!)


Jen and Johnny said...

HOORAY!!!! I am going to email you RIGHT NOW!!!!! XOXOXOXO My fingers are crossed!!!!!

Sheri Wojtasek said...

So if we already have a button of you on my blog can I just do the email and have that count too?

Photo By Emilie said...

Sheri, sure that's sounds great!!

Jami said...

thats where I want to do my pics!!!
I got your message this mornin... I don't have you phone#. We are ready to have pics taken asap.
I already have a button on my blog and as always I tell everyone I know about you!

Kelsey said...

dangit.......am I too late????
I have the button on my blog and I'm free whenev :)