Monday, April 13, 2009

Photo By Emilie Photography Workshop

Announcing Photo By Emilie Photography Workshops

I've received several emails about my workshops. Thanks so much for that. It's given me a little jump in my heart when I think about pulling something like this off. I am finally to the point of announcing all the details. This really makes my little heart jump.

So when is it? - Saturday, May 30th from 9-1 pm
So where will it be? - Noah's, in South Jordan.
We'll be in their theater room (leather recliners - oh yeah!!)
So how much will it cost - Tuition is $225
What does that include? - My 40 page workbook, a copy of my action set, a copy of my texture set & a coupon collection that includes a coupon for a 1/2 off sitting by Me:) (over $200 value)
What will I learn? - 1. Everything I wish I would have known about photography when I started 2. Teach you how I learned to go from auto to manual - this to me is the difference between point & hope and point & create 3. Teach you how I learned to look at light when I walk onto a location and why every position is in relation to where light falls & doesn't fall 4. Teach you my 5-10 top poses for newborns, kids, family and portraits and the tricks & games I play with children. Let me tell you right now, I don't go into a shoot hoping kids will smile & be cute for me. I go in with a plan on how I will create those images, and I am completely confident I can w/ my poses, tricks & games. Let's not forget, I'll share my favorite "take off 20 pounds" poses 5. Last, I will teach you how I learned Photoshop. I Photoshop EVERY published image. This one skill will take your photos from good to great. I will teach you how to use the included Photo By Emilie action set, textures & dazling eyes action.

Wanna little discount?
Of course!! Until May 1st your tuition is just $169. Click the link below to purchase, or contact me directly
emilie at photobyemilie dot com

Click here purchase the
Photo By Emilie workshop for just $169

For you Pros out there....
From 1:30-3:30 I am holding a Pros workshop.

So how much does it cost?
Lunch & a Pros Workbook that can not be purchased separately
What will I learn?
Let me first say, I spend so few hours behind the camera compared to everything else. I will teach you how I learned the 3 things that got my business to where it is. Marketing, Strategy & Managing the little things. I will send out a very detailed questionare asking you what you want to know most. I will tailor the training to that questionaire.

Wanna little discount? Of course!! Until May 1st your tuition is just $89. Click the link below to purchase, or contact me directly
emilie at photobyemilie dot com

Click here purchase the
Photo By Emilie PROS workshop for just $89

The Photo By Emilie Workbook

You can purchase the Photo By Emilie Workbook separately for $45.00. Includes 40 pages of how I learned to create stunning images, lots & lots of photo examples, step by step instructions & helpful hits.

Click here purchase the
Photo By Emilie Workbook for just $45

(The workbook is currently in production
& will shipped out to you around May 20th.)


hijodi said...

Wow, this is all awesome!! Great job girlfriend.

Tiff said...

This is just what I need!!! I was doing a bit of extra stalking lately hoping that you'd post about the workshop. I think this will make a perfect birthday gift to myself ;)

Amelia Magallanes said...

Do you sell your action set seperately?

Photo By Emilie said...

I will sell my actions & the textures separately. The should be up & for sale in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned!!

Jami said...

I'm so proud of you! You little business gal!

Holly said...

So excited and am totally coming! And I still need to order pics. Been so busy, but I'll do it soon as I can!

pahua said...

I just love how you are able to capture such detail in your photos. I'm just starting to learn about photography. I would love to attend your workshop, but unfortunately I'm in good ol' Minnesota. But I will definitely grab your workbook and your action set when they become available!

Haylie said...

i'm really hoping i can make it to at least the first workshop. I so want to go to the Pro one, but i'm photographing a wedding at that time. are you going to be offering that again sometime soon?

Photo By Emilie said...

Hi Haylie,
I imagine I will do the Pro workshop again. I haven't had a lot of response on the Pro workshop. I will definitely be the Photography workshop again (I'm getting close to sold out). I will most likely offer it again & see if I get any registries & go from there. Stay tuned!! Thanks so much for your comment.

Haylie said...

well, i'm signed up for the 1st class. maybe if you don't get a lot of people for the pro one, you can make it at a different time? wishful thinking i'm sure, but that is the info i'm dying to get right now. there aren't a lot of classes/workshops for the business side of photography out there. if you know where i can get some info to tide me over til your next pro workshop, i'd love the info! thanks!

S Palfreyman said...

So I saw you will be seeling the actions and such soon, but is there any way we (out of staters) can get a hold of your mind? I would love to know more about what you will be saying in your workshop! Have you ever done a tutorial that could be downloaded? oes you book go over what you will be presenting?

dynamite girl said...

Will you be teaching the class any other time? I am in charge of a family reunion on MAy 30, I have been planning for a year (I thought about blowing it off at least twice, but my sis would disown me). I am so excited about the idea of taking a class from you!