Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maddy's Easter

Maili, Maddy is a doll. She is just full of personality which makes such fun photos. I had the time of my life watching her ham it up. It's silly that you felt she was a little misbehaven, she really was doing just what I wanted her to be doing. Full of personality - just how I like 'em!! Let's be honest, boring kids make boring photos!! When she volunteered a hug as I was saying goodbye, that melted my heart. I want you to know I almost picked her up & started running towards my car with her so I could take her home with me. Let's just say I can hardly lift my purse & I'm not very fast so you easily could have tackled me:) Have a happy Easter!!

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Maili said...

I love them!!!! YOu did SUCH a great job with her!! Thank you SOO much.. I really wish Sam could have been there, so we could have done family photos, that would have been really really fun! oh well.. we will catch you soon! Thank you again, it was wonderful to meet you! I am showing them to everyone and refering everyone to you!! Thank you!