Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo By Emilie Actions go on sale!!

Here it is folks - my action set!! It includes 4 actions - Color, B&W, Vintage Azure and Soft & Cozy. These actions come w/ your Photo By Emilie Workshop registration. They can be purchased separately for $30.00.

OOC (out of camera) image

Photo By Emilie Color

Photo By Emilie Black & White

Photo By Emilie Vintage Azure

Photo By Emilie Soft & Sweet

The action set will be emailed to you w/in 48 hours.
Compatible w/ Photoshop Elements 7 or CS


Tiff said...

Awesome! Can't wait to get them!!!!

Hua said...

I'm really excited to get these! Especially the eye action!!! Thanks.

Jamie W said...

Thanks for your quick reply the other night. I am so excited to get these actions!!! So much so that I bought the upgrade to Elements 7 just so I could have them! Thanks for sharing your talent.