Saturday, April 25, 2009

I just love this family!!

{Photo By Emilie Color Action}

What a delight it was to take your photos. Thanks so much for being so flexible & changing the location at the last minute. I think it turned out PERFECT!!

Many of you will recognize the family in the next photo from that killer family picture on the red couch in the field I took in the fall. Can you believe how big Syd has gotten? Man All Mighty they grow up so fast.

{Photo By Emilie Color Action}

{Photo By Emilie Antique Azure Action}

{Photo By Emilie Antique Azure Action}

{Photo By Emilie Soft & Sweet Action}

{Photo By Emilie Color Action}


The Haynes said...

I am Natalie Darrington's niece. I just wanted to tell you, you take the most amazing pictures.

hijodi said...

Well by golly, who are these good looking people?!

{Erica} said...

I dig that location! So I see that you are in St. George? I'm doing a session there on my way through to Cali and wondering if you could tell me some cool locations?

Also...did you used to live here in Iowa?