Thursday, May 26, 2011

Impromptu Maternity Session

I was suppose to have my maternity pix taken last week, but it was rainy & I don't feel like I'm quite big enough.  I want to really have a full on big bulbus baby bump when I have them taken.  However, I needed an image for my shower invite (I couldn't imagine my shower invite with a photo on it).  So, yesterday afternoon I was hanging with Sara planning the shower & we quickly took these image.  Truly impromptu... no makeup, didn't wash me hair yesterday, that's my swimsuit cover up (slap a belt & jacket on it & it looks like a dress), we walked next to my condo complex where they've demolished a house & piled up lots of junk (just pointed the camera in the right direction & crop out the junk & it looks like a great location.)  I'm tickled with the way they turned out.  Goes to show with a great camera, some creative vision & some Photoshop you can have some awsome images.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Next Blogger/Etsyer Workshop - June 4th

Repeat performance of the Blogger and Etsyer Photography Workshop!!

Improve your sales & hits with Pro quality images

Held on Saturday, June 4th from 4:00-6:00pm  

1. How to take professional quality images of your products & projects for greater sales in Etsy shop and more hits on your blog.  I will also share with you the 3 products you can't live without, all for under $125.

 2. How to set your SLR camera to the perfect settings in manual - the difference between point & hope and point & create.  This section is very basic & great for beginners.  If you do not have an SLR camera, no trouble.  I'll also touch on the point & shoot settings.

 3. Amazing lighting skills.  Lighting is everything!!  I'll share my go to lighting set ups whenever taking product & craft project photos.  Whether you're inside or outside, the rules I use to get great contrast & color in my images.
4.  Hands on practice with your products.  I'll invite a few of you to bring your products &/or craft products to use as practice.  

5. All of the basics necessary to using PhotoShop, including the Photo By Emilie Action Set. This skill in particular, is what will take your photos from good to great!

1. A head shot of you taken by me.  I will email a digital copy after the workshop.

 2. The ability to maximize the potential of your camera equipment.

 3.  Inexpensive ways to experiment in the medium of photography.

Here are some really darling blogs that reviewed my last workshop.  Enjoy their fun blogs!!  Thanks ladies!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just One For Now

lots and lots more of this gorgeous 
bride & groom a little later!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last workshop of 2011

With the arrival of my baby in July and 
the expectation of a very busy fall photo season 
this will be my last workshop for 2011.  
My next workshop is scheduled for January 2012.

Registration opens today for the June 18th workshop!! 
Discount offered until Wednesday, May 25th.
Regular price = $225
Discount price = $189
(Discount Expires Wednesday, May 25th)
Click Here for more info and pay button.
Don't live near UT?  Click Here to check out my online class.

The Christensen Family

Remember this cute family?  
They've added one very cute little boy!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fox Paws on Zulily!

I've had so much fun over the past few years taking product shots for the darling shoe company Fox Paws.  They are selling their shoes at discount this week on Zulily!  It's so fun to see my photography on someone else's site other than mine.
Happy shopping!!

Looky there, they have already sold out of 3 styles!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Sweet Penelope

Meet Penelope.  Yes, that's right another sweet Penelope. This is the 2nd Penelope I've photographed in the last month and in 10 weeks my sweet Penelope will arrive.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Eye Action Tutorial

I've created a little video tutorial on
tricks and tips to run and adjust my Eye Action.

You can purchase the 
Photo By Emilie Eye Actions for just $15

 Purchase For $15

Compatible w/ Photoshop CS. They also come with tutorial on how to apply actions step by step in Elements.
(actions do NOT "run" in elements
however, they can be applied step by step.)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Camera Fun

I've spent tons of time on Etsy this week getting ready for my first Blogger/Etsyer workshop this weekend.  While doing all my research & collecting example images I decided it would be fun to search for fun Camera crafts.  Check these out...

These are from the Etsy shop Girlie Pains.

This is from the Etsy shop CM Vision Jewelry

This is from the Etsy shop Sport Skins  

This is from the Etsy shop Suzie Automatic 

This is from the Etsy shop Vintage Duck

  This is from the Etsy shop Adrian Fraz

This is from the Etsy shop CupCakeTree

This is from the Etsy shop Emily Steffen 

This is from the Etsy shop Skymagenta

This is from the Etsy shop DennisAnderson

This is from the Etsy shop ChocolateCreators

 This is from the Etsy shop BlueOrder

Aren't all these just amazing.  I'm so impressed with the creativity of others!!  Now the trouble is which one of the items do I buy first ;)

Sidenote:  This weekends (May 7th) Blogger/Etsyer Workshop is sold out but I will be doing one more this year on June 4th.  Registration will open on May 9th.  (May 7th sold out in just 1 day so be sure to register quickly.)