Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Newest Book - Sarah's Quilt

Alright, so here's my newest book. It's a sequel of "These Is My Words". The most profound quote of all time comes from that book - 'I want a man who can hold me down in a wind'. Oh yes, that's just what I'm waiting for!! It's written as journal entries of this darling Sarah in pioneer times, it's just a charming little story. A definite recommendation!! I hope the sequel will be just as good. Boy, I'd get no reading done if it wasn't for my Marriott job ;)

Becky & Rob's Wedding Day

What a gorgeous day for a wedding!! I was in hog heaven at the SL Temple. Everywhere you look there are picture perfect scenes. My last wedding there were about 40 nieces and nephews on just the brides side, this wedding there were zero on either side for family pictures at the temple. Every shoot is a new adventure, this is so much fun!!!
Congrats Becky & Rob!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

My Current Book

Anyone read Star Girl? I'm about 1/2 way done. It's super cute!! I love teeny books. I'm working a booth at the Parade of Homes for Marriott. I love doing stuff like this, but there are lots of minutes with no one around, I imagine I'll need another book by the end of my second day. Any suggestions?

My New Toy!!!

The Shoot Sac is the BMW of camera bags. I've wanted one ever since Liz showed me the link. I finally treated myself, and boy was it worth the over $200 I spent on it!! I have several weddings coming up and knew I couldn't do it without this bag!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Robin & Tino's Headshots

Robin is my sister-in-laws sisters, (Taz's wife, Katie's Sister) got that? Man all mighty the Harrop ladies are gorgeous!! Tino is Robin's Boyfriend, he's a hoot!! These photos are for their companies webpage. You'll be the best looking employees on the site, no doubt about it!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here are a few more from yesterday's shoot

Well don't I feel fantastic after a good nights snooze!! Here are the last 3 from my shoot yesterday. Becky's wedding is at the SL Temple on Saturday. I've never shot a wedding there. I have to admit I'm both nervous and excited. I always get the nerves before I shoot - weddings especially. All the excitement and everyone is all gitty and giggles, how could not get butterflies in my tummy!! I've got 2 more shoots before Saturday so stay tuned for my first SL Temple wedding!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Johnson Sisters - 2 Beautiful Brides

I've done just about all I can handle tonight. After a day at work and then a double bridal shoot, I'm blasted beat!!! I've got a few more to post but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Sweet dreams everyone!!
That last one is particularly special. While I was shooting someone was teasing her saying "are you sure he's the one?" She looked right at him and with all the conviction in the world said, "I know he's the one!" SNAP

The Host

I just couldn't resist putting a little something about my latest great find. Oh boy, I think this is just as good as her Twightlight series. My dear friend Sara works as a book buyer for Overstock and she got me a pre-copy months ago while I was in the hospital with my back. Of course I was way to drugged up to read it then and has just gotten around to it (it's not nearly as cool now because it's out.) However, I did make pretty good use and let everyone borrow it. It's been around the block and it's really showing. I was lying in bed the other night and the back half fell off. Which really turned about convenient so that Tori didn't have to wait for me to finish. She got the first half while I was reading the second. Enjoy and let me know what you think!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Playing with Photoshop

I've been playing with Photoshop lots and lots lately, I've taught myself all sorts of new tricks. Here's my latest experiment. Joshua & Shelly's Thank You cards for all the millions of gifts they received!! The frame I purchased off of - Tons of great finds!!

Ty turns 6!!!

He's such the little Hurricane gangster!! Tyler is my nephew, and he just turned 6. He's so funny with all his "dude" "sweet" "yo" slang.
I just love him!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can you believe she's already 2!!

My niece is actually 2?!? It just seems like yesterday she was teensie weensie. We took her across the street to the park to do her 2 year old pix. She's been signing for along time and her new favorite sign is I Love You, "lovies" we call it. Not bad fine motor skills for a 2 year old. I sure love and and think she'd just about the cutest thing ever.

I made this Blog Header for Katie's blog, it's something I'd like to start doing more of. I'm really liking this design stuff!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Palmyra Wedding

Joshua & Shelly got married in the Palmyra Temple on May 9th. The Palmyra temple overlooks the Sacred Grove. There couldn't have been a more amazing backdrop. Their reception was at a historic castle on the shores of the Seneca Lake. It really couldn't have been more magical. Congratulations Joshua and Shelly!!

In a few days I will have the all photos posted at "proofs"