Monday, May 31, 2010

Today is a great landmark for Photo By Emilie - 500 Blog Posts!!!  I've been watching the number grow since Christmas waiting for the big day!!  I'm just so excited (I'm easily entertained:).

Here are a few more fun blog stats...

-My first blog post was on 9/19/07
-That's an average of a post every 1.94 days 
-I have posted over 2000 photos
-As of this moment, I've had 76703 people peek 
at my blog
-I have 59 people follow my blog (come join)!!

Thanks so much for all of you who peek at my photos.  I've LOVED keeping up my blog.  I hope you continue to stop by often.  If you come I'll keep the photos coming :)

Happy Peeking!!

The Anderson Family

Another Amazingly Sunny weekend in Sunny St. George.  I always love shooting down here.  Here is the darling Anderson Family.  I met them at my St. George workshop last fall.  Can you even believe that darling curly hair!! 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tip of the Month - June

Tip of the month for June is posted!!  CLICK HERE.  This month I share my philosophy on location shooting.  Here is the not so awesome location I used as an example

Here are some of the images I captured

Happy Snapping!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Brian's Birthday

Last week we celebrating Brian's Birthday at Jungle Jim's with some of Brian's friends.  We had an absolute ball!!  As part of the Birthday package we got a free return pass so we're taking Pressers & Loollers there again tonight!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jeremy and Tera's wedding Slideshow

Jeremy and Tera's wedding Slideshow

Jeremy & Tera's Wedding Day

What a perfect day!! I was so excited I got to the temple almost an hour early. tee hee. When I arrived the rain started, just as Tera & Jeremy were coming out of the temple the rain stopped & it didn't start back up until they were leaving after their reception. We were getting reports from all over the valley that is was pouring, but not in Pepperwood. Tera & Jeremy must be living right!!