Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Babies in Blankets!!

Keith Youngquist with Timely Expressions, Inc. Blanket Company You may recognize George & Grant Marriott from a shoot I did earlier this month. Their Grandfather has a blanket company that makes the most darling imbroded blankets. He is creating a website and asked me to take photos of his Grandchildren with their blankets. Keith, you are a lucky man - your grandchildren are little angels!! Thank you!! If you're interested in purchasing a blanket please contact Keith Youngquist at
4015 Quaker Lane North Plymouth, MN 55441 Cell: 612-720-6341 Home: 763-593-0622
Stay tuned for his new web address!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Delightful Dutson's!!

The Delightful & Tall Dutson's. The thing I love most about photography is having the opportunity to meet so many kind, wonderful people. Thank you so much for letting me take your photos. I had a lovely time getting to know all of you!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

5 lbs 14 oz when he was born - just a touch bigger now!!

Oh my Braxton is just a little guy!! He was only 5 pounds 14 oz when we have born 2 weeks ago. His tiny new born clothes even drowned him. What a delight to spend my morning with Braxton, Callie & Greg. We met up in Draper at Callie's parents home. Their backyard was a photographers dream!! Thank you so much for letting me take your photos - it was a true pleasure!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My sweet Lia is a Sun Flower for Halloween this year. She is enamered with the pumpkin!! I walked in the front door and she squilled and ran to the table were her costume was hanging. We put it right on and I said to Lia "let's go take a photo by the pumpkins on the front porch." She sprinted to the front door and started banging on it with all her mite. She is getting so smart!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another great weekend despite that darn rain!!

Scott & Michelle!!We've all been waiting a long time for this one :) They really are the perfect couple. Michelle is my longest running and first Salt Lake friend. We met my first semester at the U in a psych class many moons ago. We've been on numerous vacations together and because of her I was vegetarian for 7 years. I'm so thrilled about all the wedding plans I'm not letting it sink in that she'll be moving to Denver. Congrats - I sure love the 2 of you!!

The Gadd's
I just love my cousin's!! Lindy & Jamie's family last weekend and Holly's family this weekend. I'm having a hoot with photography!! What a delightful way to spend my Sunday afternoon. Thank you so much for letting me take your photos. What a gorgeous family you have!!

Stanley's - part 2
I've decided not to schedule any photo shoots on Saturdays. Saturday is the day to get ready for Sunday and the day of Rain!! This Saturday makes 4 in a row. Lucky we did the Stanley's on Friday this week instead. Last week we attempted a photo shoot in the rain and after 10 very cold minutes decided to reschedule. It was well worth it!! There photos turned out adorable. Thanks so much for spending 2 weekends in a row with me!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

is it too much to ask for no rain on a weekend?

Jones!!This weekend I shot my 2 favorite cousin's and their darling families. Growing up Lindy had the monkey's, Jamie had the purple dolls and I had the pink dolls. Now Lindy has 3 kids, Jamie has 2 plus a dog and I have none. And I'm sure that they are
both in bed with their alarms set while I watch Hero's and blog at 2am :)
Well, it seems that some of us grew up and some (me) didn't :) It was
the highlight of my weekend to see you.
Thank you so much for letting me take your photos!!

The Stanley's
I don't understand how it can be sunny and clear all week and when Saturday comes it's rainy & cold. The Stanley's are troopers; they stood in the drizzle to get their photos taken. Then it really started to come down. We retreated to our cars with our fingers crossed hoping for a ray of sun shine to come and save the day. It didn't. So we went to Ruth's and had a delicious supper!! We'll be trying it again later in the week however, I still thought we got a couple of neat one despite the down pore.

The Strazzripka's
Did I spell that right? The Strazzy's are some of my first Photo By Emilie clients. I took pictures of them in their living room with my point and shoot before I got my baby, Nikon D80. We set up lamps and opened the door trying to get enough light so that my point and shoot wouldn't use the flash but the photos wouldn't go blurry. This time the camera wasn't the challenge it was the constant drizzle. They smiled and giggled like it was a perfect sunny day. They made my job easy!!! I had an absolute hoot spending the morning with you. Thank you so much for letting me take your photos!!