Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Me & My Sis

Here's a photo that my mom took of me and my sis in St. George. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Cate Family

What a darling family!!! We did their photos in their breathtaking backyard near Millcreek Canyon. Thursday night it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed and created the perfect back drop. It's like we planned it that way. I was so grateful to spend an hour admiring it and playing in it with the Cate family before coming to St. George yesterday. Definitely no snow here :) Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Itty Bitty Syd!!

Itty Bitty Sydney might look familiar, this is round 2 of her new born pix. Last time I didn't allow enough time, and even though we got some precious ones we needed more!! Well, and I didn't mind it was an absolute delight to see the Nelson's and sweet Syd!! Jodi is a dear friend of mine from College and she works with me at the Marriott. I really miss seeing her cute face everyday, so a visit to her home was much needed!! I can't wait to see you again soon.

She Calls me EM!! And I really like it!!!

My brother Taz & his wife Katie went to Hawaii last week and left their 18 months old with family. Grammy (mimi to Lia), Papa, Ali and I watched her the second 1/2 of the week (it really took all of us to keep her out of trouble). I'm exhausted and I had 3 others to take turns. She is busy as a little bee, trying to learn everything she can in record time. She is starting to say words and she signs most everything. My favorite word she says is "Em". We're still working on the "aunt" part :) love you Luluers!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bro & Sis!!!

Tyson & Sommer

Our family just loves Tyson, he dates my little sister. What a hoot to take his and his sister, Sommer's photos today. It seems that everyone is trying to get their photos in before the big Christmas day. I've kept up pretty well, except that last week I wrote the wrong address on someone Christmas cards. She lives in Vegas :( What a mess. I'm rushing off in the morning to reprint and overnight them to her. Oh, dear!! If you care for me at all say a little silent prayer that I won't "oops" anymore before Christmas comes :)

Introducing the Itty Ditty Lucy Nelson

Steve & Julie Nelson are probably the 2 most dynamic people on planet earth!! Baby Lucy is a little doll and Eli is absolutely darling with her. I think Eli will be reading and writing novels before his 4th birthday!! We tried desperately to get a picture with Lucy's eyes open. As you see, she had another idea. Thanks so much!! I had the time of my life spending the morning with you!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

So busy I haven't updated my blog!! Here's the latest...

Wow, I've been hop'n... and absolutely loving it!! Christmas is definitely right around the corner. Red velvet dresses, Santa hats, holiday cards and snow filled streets - could I ask for more for Christmas. Okay, just one thing - that my back would stop hurting. After surgery in July my back was fantastic until the Monday before Thanksgiving - just in time for the Holiday picture rush. I had an MRI yesterday and nothing and a little bit of everything is wrong. Not bad enough to have surgery again - my Christmas miracle :) They're going to try something called a central nerve blocker injection tomorrow. Doesn't that sound fun. The Orthopedic Doctor prescribed lots pain killers and lots photo shoots. Okay, so just the pain killers - but I think the photo shoots really help my mental health!! Thank you all for having me take your photos. What a delight it has been, and a much needed distraction!! Merry Christmas!!

Sweet Sydney Hannah Nelson

Sweet Sydney is the daughter of my dear friends Jodi & Brandon Nelson. I really don't know how they got such a beautiful baby.:) Just kidding it no surprise she is absolutely gorgeous!! I just love you both and look forward to many more photo shoots. Heck, she makes my job easy!!

The Pate Family

Look how grown up Caroline is getting. Many may recognize this famous face from the back of my business cards. She is angelic!! Thanks so much for letting me take you photos again. I loved every minute of it. I'm just the tiniest of jealous of your beautiful, sweet children.
I just love this family!!

Tom, Cara & Little Kate Fox

This was SUCH a fun shoot. It was freezing outside Sunday, so it was super quick. 20 minutes in and out!! We got some amazing shots of them on the street where they live. Kate had to have been cold, yet she smiled at the slightest notion of silliness from me. Boy oh boy, you Fox's make my job easy.
Thank you so much!!! Happy Holiday!!

The Schmidt Kids

Could they be any cuter in their little Santa hats and Christmas PJ's. I just loved being with these darling kids. They were so cute with me, I wanted to take Meggy home and let her tend my niece and I wanted to take JJ home to entertain me and Mara I wanted her to sit on my lap all day and listen to her stories (her little voice is to die for.) and then there's little Ty - busy busy busy. I think I'd only take him home with me if I had lots of energy:) Thank you so much for letting me take your photos,
I had such a great time!!