Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Giles

The night before my surgery I took these darling photos. Just now getting them posted. I'm a touch behind in my editing so please hang in there as I get caught up. I'm in St. George at my parents, there is no better place to recover than at Mommy & Daddy's home.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Surgery #3!! :(

I am going in tomorrow morning for back surgery #3 in 15 months. I had my 1st surgery in July last year, I had another in Feb and here comes my 3rd. My back started bothering me about 3 weeks ago and it's got progressively more painful. I saw my orthopedic doctor last Tuesday, I was in a ton of pain and when he started talking to me about MRI's and injections and possible surgery I fainted. Out like a light!! So embarrassing. At least he felt justified it giving me some good drugs. :) I had an MRI on Friday and when I got the results back on Monday I immediately called my surgeon. Okay, let me stop there and say that I am so incredibly blessed to have the BEST doctors in the entire world!! They call and talk with me on the phone, they wiggle me into their schedules with just a days notice, they refill prescripts within hours!! REAL INCREDIBLE!! Abby Crist my dear friend works for my orthopedic and she's been a flip'n lifesaver!! Alrighty Anyhow, my surgeon Dr. Charles Rich looked at my MRI's and next thing I know I'm having surgery tomorrow. I've posted a picture of my MRI's. I thought they were real interesting. I hope you can make sense of them...

This one is a side view of my spine. As you can see on the upper healthy disks the disks fit nicely between the vertebrae. On the lowest visible one you can see how it's been squished out. That dark bulge is pushing up against my nerve that runs down my right leg. Wowser it smarts!!

This is from the top looking down. The picture above is the bad one, the picture below shows is a healthy one so you can see what it's suppose to look like. As you can see, the left nerve is totally fine, it's just the right nerve that's being squished. So my right leg is the one that kills. Sort of interesting huh!!

So what this means for my photography: Let me say that I am so so bummed, I can't believe this happened right as the Christmas card season is here. I will not be taking any shoots until mid to late Oct, and will be limited to the amount of shoots I will be able to take in Oct, Nov and Dec. If you are interested in a shoot please contact me ASAP to get on my schedule. If you are scheduled between now and then I will be getting in touch with you to reschedule. Thanks so much for your love and support. Can't wait to be back behind that camera!!!

Halloween Here We Come

I really would like to do a Halloween special. Nothing cuter than kids in their Halloween costumes. I am hoping I will feel up to it. I took this photo of Syd to use for promotion. love it!!! If you're interested let me know, if i get info interest I for sure throw out a killer deal.

The Pate Munchkins

Baby Emma!!! No words just pictures.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brandon, Jodi & Sydney Nelson

Oh how I love the Nelson's. Jodi is my dear friend from College & now she works with me at Marriott. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders and has been such a support with my photography venture!! She has referred so many of her friends she had a free shoot and lots of credit and we've been planning this red couch extravaganza for months. Of course the day we planned it rained. It was stressful but all in all a huge success. The lighting was gorgeous!! Thanks so much Jod!! Love your guts!!!

Here we are standing under the door of the jeep to keep out of the rain in the middle of the photo shoot!! If you look at the top of the jeep door you can see the sheets of rain coming down. Joy Joy!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Strazzy Fam

I absolutely love taking pix of the Strazzy's (I can't spell there last name so I just abbreviate it ;). Lindy is my cousin. The first photos I took of the family was when Lindy was pregnant with Issac now he's a little boy, running around and everything. He's just a smiley and cute as he's ever been. Hailey was nick named Angel Baby, she's still just a little angel and Chase is such a miniature Todd. There a few family I just looking forward to shooting, this family is at the top of my list!!! Thanks so much!! Love all of you!!

Hailey is a dancer, I've been wanting to take a few shots of her in her dance costume for a while. I talked her into bring it and we found a real pretty place in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. Hailey is so fun to photograph!!! Thanks Hailey you are just gorgeous!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Boyer Darlings!!

Thanks millions Crystel for the referal!!!

This shoot was a ball!! When I arrived Angela looked oddly familiar like I knew her from somewhere. It took me about 10 minutes to realize she was the twin sister of one of my dear friends in College, Erika!! I just love love Erika. Of course Erika and I have totally lost touch and it was so fun to hear that she is living out in DC, that she got married this year and is pregnant. Congrats Erika!! Please drop me a line - I would love to catch up. I am always asking Jackie to give me updates. In fact Jackie delivered her baby girl on the 8th. I am doing her new borns on Tuesday. Can't Wait!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The White Guys

Thanks Jam for the referral!!

New born baby photos are quickly becoming my very favorite. This is Sammy and he's just 2 weeks old. He didn't cry or whimper once!! As you can tell his older brothers adore him. When we told the oldest little boy that he would be holding his baby brother in the pictures he ran into the bathroom and washed his hand and refused to touch anything until we were ready for him. I was in Cali last week and took a total of 10 photos. I had every intention of creating a blog post of at least one photo with a full report of my fantastic week. It hasn't happened. I still have high hopes that I'll get it done.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Holiday Cards Are Here!!!

Can you believe it's already time to start thinking about Holiday Cards!??!

For $75.00 you can get your family photos taken, receive an
8x10 & 25 designer cards to send to loved ones. Offer only good for your shoots before November 15th. Can you believe that's only 2 months away?!!

(Includes a 20 minute sitting & 10 edited images to choose from.)

Designer Cards

My cards this year are 5x7 and are NOT printed on photo paper. They are printed on what is known as PEARL archival paper. It's very thick (almost like cardstock) and has a shimmery, pearl-like finish. It's super rad paper!!

There are several card designs to choose from.

You may choose one of the designs for the front of the card (with your choice of pictures). And if you wish you may choose 1-4 images to go on the back of the card. Backs are pre-designed (layout cannot be altered). I will however customize the color & the text on the back side to coordinate with the front.

You may add personalized text to the card. For example: With Love (and then your family name), Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season, From our Family to Yours.....

You MUST be one of my clients, and you MUST use pictures that I have taken for you.

The cards come in increments of 25. Meaning you can order 25, 50, 75, 100 etc. For example, if you only need 40 cards, you would have to order 50.

The cost is $2.00 per card