Monday, June 16, 2008

What happen's in Vegas SHOULD stay in Vegas!!

I took a rode trip to Vegas with some friends this weekend. 5 of us vapor locked into a Prius. Heck, it was cheaper on gas!! Although, I now have a huge aversion to male elbows - Mike's in particular. My sister, Ali and her boyfriend Tyson, came down from St. George and met up with us. We stayed at the luxurious Ritz Carlton (half of us on the floor, heck the more the merrier). Way too up scale for a bunch of punk kids. My favorite was when they brought us frozen grapes & pineapple at the pool. My 2nd favorite was when Christina cleared out all the soap in one of the maid carts. (okay honestly, these aren't even close to my 1st and 2nd favorite things that happened but - what happens in Vegas SHOULD stay in Vegas !!) Here are some of my favorite pix from the trip (again, not really my favorite. :)
Enjoy nonetheless!!

Check out Ammon's super rad do!! We spent an entire day at the pool. Umbrella's and 60 sunblock made this possible.

This is what you call Ying Yang!! Mike recently went to Hawaii, I really have no excuse for my paper white skin.

This is a view from the balcony of the Ritz. The hotel was on the shores of Las Vegas Lake. It was a little Oasis!! Lots of really beautiful water fountains.
This is Christina in the most luxurious bathroom I've ever seen. It was in Caesar's Palace. Doesn't she look like a movie star.
Boys, this is what was taking us so long :)

We also made a nice lengthy stop at Sephora. Oh, how I love lip gloss!!


Natalie said...

I love reading your blog with all of the new more personal stuff on it!!!!!!! You're hilarious!!!!!

hijodi said...

I can not believe what HAPPENED in vegas baby!!!

JanaB said...

Your photos are amazing! Particularly that one of Mike. . mmmhhh mmmhhhh! Hope you are well!