Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Contributor to a great NYC trip.

Isn't this a funny picture, we took this in St. George years ago. Look how short and whispy my hair looks. Stuey now has a big 'ol beard and a buzzed head. Definately a look to turn heads :) Stuart is an old friend of mine, we met in an old ward years ago. He's now in Philly going to school and is here this week visiting. We hung out last night and he reminded me that he should get some credit for that great NYC trip I mentioned in my newsletter. While I was in NYC last year he came into the city and we went to several museums and yes Stu you were a main contributor to the enjoyment of the trip of a lifetime. I apologize for not giving proper credit in my newsletter. I look forward to a fun filled trip to m.i.s.s.i.s.s.i.p.p.i next year!! I only wish you were moving to the Florida Keys or The Bahamas.

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