Sunday, June 8, 2008

The copyright ?

I'm going to start selling my copyright!!! (digital files) This has been hands down the most difficult decision of my entire photography career. It really hard to see all your art work walk out the door on a CD. So many of my mentors said never never sell your rights to your work. However, so many of my customers have requested it. It really has been a forefront issue for the entire time I've been in business. I was at a conference yesterday and they were talking about producing just what your customers want. (she sells her's for $800 a photo - yikes!!) Everything is going digital. The top selling Christmas item for 2007 were digital picture frames. I imagine a time when printed photos are a time of the past, we'll sell digital copies that display on a screen. So, for now I will be selling my copyrights to all my shoots. My regular shoots will sell for $150 and my mini shoots for $75.

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hijodi said...

oh my goodness, big steps here!! No talkie at workie, I had no idea about this or your conference. I miss ya friend.