Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mark it off my wish list!!

I have a huge crush on my new lens!! Just looking at these photos makes me blush. :) It's a 18-250mm Tamron lens. I got it in Provo at Allan's Camera from the nicest people, I wish they were closer. I've been shopping for a new lab. I'm working on 4 new projects. 1 - I'm revising my circle of friends referral program. 2 - I'm creating a new email newsletter (I'd love to get one out every month). Maybe when Ali moves back up here for college she can help. 3 - A new website, I'll post a sneak peek within the next month or so. Darling Darling is all I say for now 4 - An album maker to help me make killer photo albums. Like I mentioned I'm loving the design stuff and would love to turn them into a Hot Tamale Album. I'll give you little updates as all these projects get underway.

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