Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Challis's Grad Inserts

I'm heading home tomorrow. I'll miss being in St. George with my cute parents. This evening we were all sitting in the library. My mom was scrambling to finish her book club book, the night of. I was working on my computer (who still doesn't have a name). My dad pulled down one of his old high school year books. He was a total hottie!! {grrr} He pointed out the only black man in his High School & then pointed out his name, Ivory White. I'm NOT kidding!! {wowsers}

Enjoy Challis's Senior Inserts.




Tiff said...

You are one talented lady Ms. Emilie! I love looking at your pictures. There really are some adorable seniors out there :) Thanks for letting me get inspired.

hijodi said...

IVORY WHITE... ha!! Excited to play with you next week. Your senior photos have been great. Hopefully the fliars prove fruitful as well.