Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Battle Ground....

I don't do enough art projects. I get busy working & focusing too much on the money & the business side of photography. I've been craving a good project. Here's what I came up with. It's called "The Battle Ground". I believe my biggest battle grounds in my life happen right in my head. It seems that the war between optimism & pessimism is constantly waging. This concept of optimism vs pessimism has been at the forefront of my mind over the last month. It's a full on battle to be optimistic.

Will I believe in myself?

Will I allow myself to get distracted by negative thoughts,
self doubt & fear?

Will I choose hope in the face of disappointment?

Will I find reasons to laugh today?

Will I see every good thing?

Will I love?


Madsen Family said...

These are seriously amazing! I love the second one down. The one on the right (the close up) and the kiss one!.. Let's be honest the are all amazing! I still want to know where you shot these at.

Jen and Johnny said...

What a GREAT photo shoot!!! You've got *MAD SKILLS*!!!! By the way....
I absolutely LOVE your hair (from the previous post)!!! The color..... cut..... everything!!!! You are a beauty!!!!!!

Photo By Emilie said...

Cristie, I have a studio I rent out just down the street from my house. I've used it so few times. I'd love to do more studio work. Hurray for fake light :)