Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've had a lot of fun designing graduation inserts. I'm not sure if it's all this high school exposure or being in St. George for the last few weeks, but I've been very reflective today. Over the past month I have had several conversations with some dear friends that are having a hard time. Life is just plain disappointing sometimes. I've recently had my bits of disappointment, too. My dear friend Steve Nelson sent me a quote by Elder Maxwell that said, "I have found that the Lord gives more
instructions than explanations." Isn't that the truth!!! My heart & prayers are with all my sweet friends who are going through disappointing times. My hope is that you experience lots of instruction in the presence of no explanation. I wish I could do more for each one of you. Know that I love you all & thank you for all your love & kindness - boy doesn't that get us through! (the talk is "Become A Disciple"). And now Cambria's inserts :)...



Jen and Johnny said...

What a GREAT quote from Elder Maxwell!! Thanks for that!!! And... wonderful pix!! I am loving your senior portraits you are doing!!!

hijodi said...

So great to see you today!! And great quote too. Can't wait to see you again for our upcoming plans :0) Love you!