Friday, January 16, 2009

I am so late in posting this...

I'm sorry I'm so late posting. I've had a crazy 24 hours. Poor Christeen (Ali's roommate) was so sick last night we took her to the ER. She's fine now, in fact she met the cutest male nurse and we gave him her phone number. Ali claims she can make Lemon Aid out of Lemons. Well, we'll see if he calls her. I got home around 2:30am and just couldn't calm down - seriously the excitement from this dang contest. I finally settled into a light sleep when I got a text from Eric at about 4am (which is 5am in MS, let's just say that isn't the first time that he's contacted me when he wakes up & I haven't gone to sleep yet. Oh, how I love the wee hours of the night). The text read "Qpli". Boy, that kept me up for at least another 30 minutes trying to figure out what he wanted me to know. Well, needless to say I got a late start this morning, which led to a rush to get to St. George to do a shoot before the sun went down. So, here I am posting the winners. I imagine you've been on the edge of your seats all day :)

Here are just half of the pages I typed up. The other half I cut up last night in the ER while giggling about the cute nurse:) There were 204 different people who entered!! Thank you so much everyone.

Shuffle Shuffle

Congrats Stacy!!!
You've won $75.00 print credit for your next shoot!!

Congrats Natalie Bradford!!
(sorry I didn't know your last name when I typed these slips up.)

You've won a Free Sitting!!

Congrats Lisa Hansen!!
You've won 2 free sittings - 1 for you & 1 for a friend!!

Congrats Kesha Scott!!!
You've won a free sitting & a CD of your images.

So I was having so much fun pulling names out of the bowl I pulled 4 more. Congrats Kelly Paluza, Laura & her boys, Kim Harding & Jacob Shamy!!
You've won a Mini Shoot!!

This was so much fun I am going to do it again every month. However, just run it for 5 days. I can't take the excitement for longer than that. In Feb the contest will run from the 8th - 13th. Be sure to add your email address to my newsletter!!! There's a little box there on the left. Congrats again to everyone who won!!


Nick Scott Family said...

Yeah Emilie! I finally won something! I am super duper excited for my winnings. Boston and I can't wait for you to take pictures again!!! Talk to you soon and thanks!!! Kesha
PS - Thanks Jodi - I wouldn't have won without you.

dunlop family said...

yay! you got laura and her boys!!!! you will have a BLAST with her! she is such a doll!!

Lisa said...

yahoo---I won! I am so dang excited...thanks for picking my name out. Now what to wear?
I'll be in touch!!!

PoppaMonkey said...

Hooray Jacob!

Laura and her boys! said...

I'm so excited I won. You are coming to St. George. What should I do to make an appointment? It's Laura Pace btw.