Friday, January 16, 2009

For All Of You Who Didn't Win

I hate losing!!
So, this is for all of you who entered and didn't win...

1/2 off sitting fee plus $25.00 back in print credit.
You pay just $42.50, I give you back $25.00 in prints.

These need to be purchased by Monday, Jan 19th
& used by May 31st 2009.


Madsen Family said...

Betsy really wishes she would have entered! She should get the deal because she is so awesome!

Photo By Emilie said...

Tell Betsy to drop me a line. I'll see if I can work something out with her. Christie, you are darling for entering my little contest, posting my pix & telling your friends. Thanks so much for your support, seriously it means so much to me!!

Jac said...

I am so doing the deal...right after I get over my grief of not winning anything :0)!!