Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Smiths

Thanks Mary for referring your sister & her darling family!!Doug & Ann, Merry Christmas. I had a great time meeting your family. I am so glad it wasn't the forecasted 19 degrees. I hope you holidays have been full of fun & surprises. Yesterday was I running around with my mom getting all the last minute things finished. It was a mad house. We did see the coolest thing on our drive home from Walmart. We were in a total traffic jam & the car in front of us let in a guy who was pulling out of the bank. The guy pulled out into the stand still traffic, he jumped out of his car & ran back to the car that had let him in. He went up to the ladies car window waving money & telling her Merry Christmas. Now we couldn't tell how much it was but it money with color and he was driving a Lexus - so I'm sure he was totally rich. he he he. It was so cool, except that we were the next car & my mom claims that she would have totally let him in. Just our luck!! Even without the generous give-away we had an awesome Christmas, it's just so fun to be together.

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Kathy C said...

okay, so I wasn't going to comment because I thought, "my chances are fractional", HOWEVER, after viewing the blog, I have to say WOW! You trully capture the moment and detail that is there for such a short amount of time. Trully priceless. Your talent is just priceless.