Friday, December 26, 2008

My Family Christmas Gift

(Mom & Dad)

There was some debate in my family about how to do the adult family gift exchange. We decided instead of drawing names this year we would purchase one group gift & then play the white elephant game with all the gifts. Well, it started out a little crazy with Tyler opening the first gift while we were trying to nail down the game rules. Ooopsy. Tyler was crying because someone yelled at him to stop, Dax & Lia were fighting over one the gifts Mimi had given, & the adults were all yelling over the top of them the rules they thought were best. We decided tonight that game would have been a lot more fun without the kids in the house. Even with all the chaos it was a ton of fun. My gift was these pictures in a portfolio book. Taya ended up with the book after stealing it from Taz. I ended up with a giftcard to eat out - I stole that from Ali (I actually think she's still mad at me for it.) What a fun day!! Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope your Christmas was just as crazy & delightful as ours.
(Taya & Ryan)
(Lia Loolers)
(Ali - on the far left. This one is hard to tell, she totally fits in:)


Jami said...

ha ha ha I'm laughing so hard... those pictures are so funny!!!

Jen and Johnny said...

Those are freaking funny!!! That one of Presley looks fantastic!!! And I love the one you did for yourself!! I love love love Audrey Hepburn!!!!! You are a beauty!!!!

PoppaMonkey said...

Photoshop is awesome!

triestep said...

These photoshopped pictures are the best! I love them! Have you seen the website where you put your face on a yearbook picture from the different eras? Those are hilarious!

Penny said...

Thanks for making me Olivia. Your Dad always had a crush on her!