Sunday, December 21, 2008

Brad & His Tie Company

Brad, Wowsers!! Need I say more? I think you'd be able to sell a lot of ties to woman with photos of these men. I truly look forward to editing more of these!!


Lizzy said...

Wowza is right. Who knew there were so many attractive men in our ward? :) ...oh, the ties are nice too. ;)

Really, Brad's ties are so AWESOME! It's always fun to see what tie he's going to have on at church each week...he should get his website up and running fast!

Lizzy said...

those are some good lookin' guys, I mean ties!

the best part is, all of the fellas you used as "models" are the cream of the crop...we sure do have some stellar people in our ward!

triestep said...

Your comments are so right...I am definitely wanting to find out more about Brad's ties.

triestep said... this is so crazy...what a small world. I looked up info on Lizzy...she had said something about being in your ward. Then, I saw some pics from the ward and saw people that I know...Sara Johnson (we both have taught Kindergarten in Salt Lake City School District) and she is so fun. Then, I saw a pic of Whitney...she is my sister's age and was in my home ward. You also took pictures of someone I know...can't remember who right now! Anyway, love your work!