Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I've had one crazy year and looking forward to another crazy year. I hope that it's filled with all the good crazy & none of the bad crazy. I've had this little dream list swimming around in my head about the things & people & locations that I want to shoot before I die. So I decided to write them down & call it my New Years Resolution 2009!!! And I ain't kidding about my resolutions, 2 years ago I made resolution to start a photography company. It took me 6 months to buy a camera but look at me now!! I haven't really thought about any other resolutions except for the ones I'm always thinking about (be more healthy, aka lose all my wobbly bits, & go to the Temple more often.) Those resolutions sort of lose their vigor after 10 years in a row. Anyhow, enjoy my list...

1. Portrait or Maternity shots up Big Cottonwood Canyon while it's snowing.
2. Bridals on the Red Cliffs in St. George

3. Bridals in the the pool at Casa Blanca (probably will never happen, but you can't stop me from dreaming.)

4. A St. George Temple wedding.

5. Newborn shoot in a field of flowers
6. Portfolio shoot for a dancer in some rundown location. (jazz or ballet would be a dream!)

7. Kids dressed up like the Nativity Scene. I saw one with 4 kids. They were dressed up as Joseph, Mary, The Angel & of course Baby Jesus. Darling, Darling, Darling!!

8. Commercial shoot for a children's hair bow company or some other cute kid's accessory

9. Commercial shoot for a men's underwear company - just kidding (sort of)

10. Tasteful boudoir shoot at the Hotel Monico in downtown SL

11. Group & individual portraits for a children's dance studio. (seriously this may take the cake for pure photography bliss!!)

12. Portrait of an 7-9 year old for their baptism & design an announcement. (I just love this age!!)

13. Second shoot at a wedding. I've only been the primary photographer. I think I'd just learn a ton!!

14. Lorin's Tat Sleeve when it's finished. (Lorin, you promised!!)

15. Bridal at the Old Cottonwood Mill

16. New baby urban style downtown
17. To shoot the Logan, Manti, DC, San Diego & Hawaii Temple.

18. Portfolio shots for a hair stylist (several different models w/ different hair styles)

Anyone in?!?!?

Here is the photo of the St. George Temple I shot over Christmas. It is for sale on my Fine Arts Blog
, and more StG Temple pix to come sometime before Valentines.
That's all for now!!


Photo By Emilie said...

I have have to give special thanks to my mom who was my get away driving while taking the StG Temple pic. She stopped in the middle of traffic on the over pass to drop me & then stopped traffic again to pick me up. The overpass was just the perfect angle!! Thanks mom, love you!!

hijodi said...

LOL, men's underwear!!!!:0) wobbily bits LOL :0) I loved the St. George temple pic and would love to see a newborn in a field of flowers. My next child perhaps?? Ok, well you'll likely do it before then, but I can dream too. Love you, happy new year!

Mary Ann said...

I would love to see the men's underwear snywho, YOU SO NEED TO DO THE SAN DIEGO TEMPLE...I'm first in line to buy when you do it (you always have free lodgings here in good old Temecula, CA about an hour away from San Diego Temple)! Can't wait to see all these awesome shoots you're going to do!

Madsen Family said...

Baby in flowers, super cute idea! I think you should add the Bountiful temple to your list. I would definitely but fine arts of that one! Please, please, please!

Jami said...

that is so gorgeous with the that doesnt happen often

Jen and Johnny said...

What a GREAT list of pix you want to take!! I can't wait to see all of those on your blog!! I read through all of them and I am pretty much out of the running for just about all of them!! Bummer!!! Not me really..... but my kids!! But....I am determined to help you reach your new years resolutions!!!

Pate Fam said...

I am exited about the St. George Temple pic! My grandparents could use one of those at their condo! Yahoo!

Marianne said...

I'd be happy to help you at a shoot in Hawaii!! I'd be game for San Diego too...anywhere warmer than here!!

Gram said...

Cool picture of the St. George Temple!

Gram said...

What a great picture of the St. George Temple!

The Coccimiglios said...

I am in for all those shoots. Well the maternity ones well have to wait but I think you can make me look like an 8 year old for a baptisim...what you think?