Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving in Zions

What an amazing place to spend Thanksgiving!! We ate at the lodge next to a panaramic view of Zions {{wowsers}}. After din we drove through the Canyons. We also got out and nature walking and tooks pix. Cathy the Camera's battery was dead & I was so disappointed {{sigh}}. I took these photos with my iphone. Not bad!!

It rained for 2 days strait, which is unheard of in South Utah. All the rain made small waterfalls everywhere you looked. Awesome!! Even more awesome is the rain let up just as we finished din so we could go on our mini nature hike.

This is me, above. Don't ask about the crazy pose. I was totally loopy from all the food I had just eaten and Ali in the bottom photo. Apparently suffering from the same ailment.

Do Not Feed the Wildlife!! {{hee hee hee}}

My daddy with that silly hood that's been stuffed in that coat collar since he bought it. Finally giving it some use.

Thanks Mommy & Daddy for such a fantastic Thanksgiving Day!!

Look how tiny my 6 foot dad looks next to those cliffs.

Thanks Boo for being such an awesome sis & making Thanksgiving so much fun!! Hip Hip Horray for Lady Deckers!!!


hijodi said...

way cute pictures, just beautiful down there.

Mary Ann said...

Em, you're family is SO wonder, they're related to you!

Holly said...

I do look at your blog almost everyday, but I guess not close enough since I hadn't noticed my shout out, ha ha ha! Your Mom told me at church today. Send me your email so we can chat ;)

Anonymous said...

Holy CRAP, you are F-U-N! When is game night? Seriously. When? Why am I not constantly around you? You are so delightful. That is all. - Brooke Ann Hathaway

kiera said...

about time we see some pics of you! I especially love the 'feeding the wildlife' shot - and the crazy pose - it looks really good. nice iphone!

Penny said...

Thanks for capturing our fun day in Zions. I would say the iphone did a dandy job. What a spectacular sight Zions was that day! Fun, fun! love you, Em