Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Boyers Family Christmas Card Photo

I am in full swing with Christmas Card Photos. Could these outfits be any more perfect!! While I was driving to the Boyers I passed were my Aunt Sandra and one of my favorite play cousins lived while we were growing up. I passed it and continued to drive for at least 10 minutes into a new subdivision and golf course community that has popped up since the time we were little kids. Amazing how things to change.

If you look closely in the 2 planters each of them have a small little dark something poking up from them. Yes, those are Starwars figures. The kids were goo goo for these toys so I made a deal with them that if they smiled for the picture I'd put the figures in their family picture. Welcome to the family little Starwars guys!! And even better, it worked!!!

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