Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lots of Loved Ones

Thanks so much Cara for the awesome referral!!

9 little ones and a puppy now that's a little challenging. Really it was a lot of fun, I was in hog heaven really!! I just love this old tree at Wheeler Farm. I took photos of tiny little Cecily (left/bottom) a few weeks ago for the Fox Paws shoot. Thanks so much everyone, it sure was fun meeting you all!!

This is the gorgeous mother of all the gorgeous people!!


Mary Ann said...

LOVE LOVE THESE PICS...especially the little boy kissing the little girl on the cheek!

melissa said...

i love them! i am so sorry that i am just posting. we have all been sick and not doing much of anything. i forwarded the link to everyone, but i can send you them too. thanks again, just love them. can't wait to see the rest!