Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Report on my awesome B-Day.

Could my niece & nephew be any cuter!! (So Charlies really isn't my nephew, he's Katie's sister's baby - but I'm claiming him as my nephew from here on out!!) I got to shoot Presley's 6 month pix & Charlies 3 month pix on my b-day. I just wanted to kiss their little cheeks off!! Then we all went to lunch at Chilli's. Silly but Chilli's is one of my fav restaurant. So, I don't know what my problem is but I never turn the camera on myself. I did take a pic with my Iphone but for the life of me can't find my cord to upload them on my computer. I also took a killer pic of my DC as one of the highlights of my perfect day.

I think they have a same little nose & mouth. I always thought Pres got those from the Decker side but now the Harrop side is showing up with them. Well it is true that Katie looks like a Decker probably more than I do :)

My Bro & his perfect wife. Gag me -tee hee:)

Heidi, Robin & Katie. The Harrop Sisters!! Thanks for such a fun Birthday lunch. I just loved seeing you ladies!!

Lia Loolers with her 2 pair of fashionable glasses. She is hysterical. I've never seen a kid actually wear & keep on sunglasses. She'll keep them on the whole time in the car. Same thing with mittens. She'll wear mittens the whole ride in the car & then into stores. It's just hysterical. We'll be doing her 3 yr pix here in about 2 months. Crazy!!


Sheri Wojtasek said...

I love the pic with double glasses! Priceless!

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday EM!

=) said...

That's so great! 29 Again! =)
Miss you!

Penny said...

I am just the luckiest person alive. Beatiful grandchildren and a fabulously talented daughter to capture them in photos. Thank you Em! love you!!