Sunday, March 1, 2009



I am looking for hire an associate photographer. {you heard me} I'm a bit worried about keeping up. Between the pre-paid sessions, contest winners & inquires, April & May are going to be slammed. The trend so far is growth, so I'm hoping this year will bring me lots of slammednes. {giddy up} As many of you know I have a bum back (3 back surgeries over the past 18 months - arrgg). I am attempting to be careful with it & not take on too many shoots. {so responsible of me I know}

So, I looking to hire a second shooter. This is how I'm hoping it will work...

What I would do...
1. Create a website for you. {have you seen mine!! It will look just as awesome!}
2. Edit your images (some photographers really like to do this. I'm happy to work it out either way.)
2. Create, print and distribute marketing material. (business cards, thank yous, client contracts, fliers, mailers, e-newsletter & more)
3. Create price lists, order forms & invoices.
4. Arrange a viewing session, collect orders, fulfill orders, package & deliver order, collect payment.
5. Help you become a better photographer by teaching you all my tips & tricks. {Although, I would expect the same in return.}
5. You would work for Photo By Emilie so you wouldn't have to worry about filing a business license, filing sales taxes or business development in any way.

What you would do...
1. All the fun stuff -
2. Shoot
3. Update your blog
4. Edit if you want.

{wait - I want this job!!}

I'll help you find your own clients & I'll have you take some of the overflow from my clients.

I'm not in a rush to fill the position. I want to find just the right fit. I have some ideas about pay but it would really depends on your experience & equipment.

The type of person I think would be a good fit...
1. Be available to shoot on Saturdays.
2. Be available & flexible to take 3-4 shoots a week.
3. Someone who is an amazing photographer but not interested in the business side.
4. Someone who would LOVE cash for playing with their camera. {a dream come true}
5. Someone who ADORES people as much as I do.

Not You? Pass it along to someone you know!!!

If you are interested please send me the following...
1. Contact info
2. Where you have your photography posted (blog, flikr, facebook)
3. A quick sentence or 2 about what you think you could bring to Photo By Emilie.

So far I've loved being able to get you onto my schedule with a weeks notice. {I love being a fly by the seat of my pants girl!!} Although, it looks as though that is going to go bye-bye. I'm sort of sad about it at the same time excited beyond belief. {my back is screaming hip hip horray} With a little prior notice I don't foresee any problems getting everyone onto my schedule. I am hoping to offer those who just don't plan ahead a great alternative. I'm hoping to hire someone just as good or better than me at a competitive price. If you have a pre-paid or contest session I still have opening so don't panic, but in the next few weeks let's get those on my calendar.

I think this post breaks the record for the most ABC's of any post ever!!! If you've gotten this far, thanks for stick'n with it :)

And here is a little treat...
This is the cutest little video ever!! I am such an animal lover. Enjoy!! I just spent the last hour looking for a youtube worthy of all of you. I thought this was adorable, that little guy is so tiny. LOVE IT!!

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Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

That's awesome that business is so great, but when I finally get around to getting ours done I want you!!!! I know that i'm not your fav, but please shoot us! Just kiddin'. :) Your pictures are incredible!