Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blog Header for the Strazzy

Blog Headers are one of my favorite projects!! Here's one I've done this week for the Stazzys. I'm really starting to feel better and editing is my recovery task of choice. My mom and I actually went out to lunch today at Bajios. Wowsers there's nothing like getting out of the house to make you tired!!! I'm am completely tuckered out!! I think a nap is in order and then back to editing. I'm a little concerned about having anything new to put up on my blog. My next shoot isn't until the 13th in St. George. Anyone got a good tag? I've never done one :)


Jami said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling better already! your blog header designs are very cute- how much do you charge?

Photo By Emilie said...

Hi Jami!! They are $30.00 that also includes 10 pictures to put on your blog, email or use on your desktop.