Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Ali

My baby sister's name is Ali, although this Ali is Alison and my Ali is Alissa. My Ali called me freaking out last night and told me that she was at Thriller at Tuacan in St. George and that Matt was the main dancer. Now Matt was on So You Think You Can Dance last season. He's from Utah and was totally Ali & My's FAV!! She said she got a photo with him, but that he had his mask on. She said she was a total Middle Schooler, all shy and gitty and freaking out over him. I totally would have been the same way. A few minutes later she texted me and said she got one with his mask off. I told her to send it to me immediately!! That photo is definitely post worthy. As soon as I get it you'll be seeing it too!! Ali, you lucky dawg!! Anyway, aren't these photos darling. She's so on top of it getting her grad photos already!!

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