Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The White Guys

Thanks Jam for the referral!!

New born baby photos are quickly becoming my very favorite. This is Sammy and he's just 2 weeks old. He didn't cry or whimper once!! As you can tell his older brothers adore him. When we told the oldest little boy that he would be holding his baby brother in the pictures he ran into the bathroom and washed his hand and refused to touch anything until we were ready for him. I was in Cali last week and took a total of 10 photos. I had every intention of creating a blog post of at least one photo with a full report of my fantastic week. It hasn't happened. I still have high hopes that I'll get it done.


Meg said...

oh, I just love them!! I can't wait to see them all when you're done. Thanks again! Your photos are amazing!

Jami said...

adorable pictures. Aren't they the cutest boys!!! Thanks for taking great care of my friends- you do an awesome job!!!

Joe&Tori said...

theya re the cutest little boys ever!