Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Strazzy Fam

I absolutely love taking pix of the Strazzy's (I can't spell there last name so I just abbreviate it ;). Lindy is my cousin. The first photos I took of the family was when Lindy was pregnant with Issac now he's a little boy, running around and everything. He's just a smiley and cute as he's ever been. Hailey was nick named Angel Baby, she's still just a little angel and Chase is such a miniature Todd. There a few family I just looking forward to shooting, this family is at the top of my list!!! Thanks so much!! Love all of you!!

Hailey is a dancer, I've been wanting to take a few shots of her in her dance costume for a while. I talked her into bring it and we found a real pretty place in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. Hailey is so fun to photograph!!! Thanks Hailey you are just gorgeous!!!


Jami said...

Beautiful pictures Em!!!

The Moseley's said...

Great pictures Emilie! I can't wait to see the rest.

Penny said...

Adorable pics of those darling kids!