Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brandon, Jodi & Sydney Nelson

Oh how I love the Nelson's. Jodi is my dear friend from College & now she works with me at Marriott. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders and has been such a support with my photography venture!! She has referred so many of her friends she had a free shoot and lots of credit and we've been planning this red couch extravaganza for months. Of course the day we planned it rained. It was stressful but all in all a huge success. The lighting was gorgeous!! Thanks so much Jod!! Love your guts!!!

Here we are standing under the door of the jeep to keep out of the rain in the middle of the photo shoot!! If you look at the top of the jeep door you can see the sheets of rain coming down. Joy Joy!!


hijodi said...

I love my photos!!! Love the photos. And you mean to tell me THERE'S MORE still to come?! OH BABY, giddy up!!!!!! :0)

Penny said...

Those pictures are to die for! Em, no wonder you are having back problems. That red couch is a big prop to carry around.

Alisa said...

These turned out AMAZING; how is Jodi supposed to decide? I am way excited for you to take pictures of my family!