Monday, May 23, 2011

Next Blogger/Etsyer Workshop - June 4th

Repeat performance of the Blogger and Etsyer Photography Workshop!!

Improve your sales & hits with Pro quality images

Held on Saturday, June 4th from 4:00-6:00pm  

1. How to take professional quality images of your products & projects for greater sales in Etsy shop and more hits on your blog.  I will also share with you the 3 products you can't live without, all for under $125.

 2. How to set your SLR camera to the perfect settings in manual - the difference between point & hope and point & create.  This section is very basic & great for beginners.  If you do not have an SLR camera, no trouble.  I'll also touch on the point & shoot settings.

 3. Amazing lighting skills.  Lighting is everything!!  I'll share my go to lighting set ups whenever taking product & craft project photos.  Whether you're inside or outside, the rules I use to get great contrast & color in my images.
4.  Hands on practice with your products.  I'll invite a few of you to bring your products &/or craft products to use as practice.  

5. All of the basics necessary to using PhotoShop, including the Photo By Emilie Action Set. This skill in particular, is what will take your photos from good to great!

1. A head shot of you taken by me.  I will email a digital copy after the workshop.

 2. The ability to maximize the potential of your camera equipment.

 3.  Inexpensive ways to experiment in the medium of photography.

Here are some really darling blogs that reviewed my last workshop.  Enjoy their fun blogs!!  Thanks ladies!!

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