Monday, February 7, 2011

Bring on the PINK!!

Yup, that's right!!  We're having a baby.  I'm 17 weeks & due in July.  We found out this morning we are having a girl.  Bring on the PINK!!  We could not be more excited.  I wish someone would have warned me about this pregnancy thing.  Come to find out, I'm a wimp.  It's been challenging, but a very effective way to loose weight.  Who knew??  The thing I miss the most if surfing blogs & reading all your fun posts, computer work makes me Sea Sick!!  I have about 450 sessions to blog, and about that many emails I haven't responded to.  If you're one of those people - gosh dang I'm sorry!!  Just know I'm home, probably on the couch being a wimp, rubbing my belly hoping to feel something move.  

Big Thanks to Shauna, Naoma and Alyssa for your help with my weddings this month.  Couldn't have done them without you!!


Michal and Brandon said...

Emilie that's wonderful news! Congrats! baby girls are the best and you'll be fantastic parents. you are a strong woman...I don't believe the wimp stuff. you can do it! love ya and get some rest =)


Oh my gosh, Emilie!!! I am SO excited for you! That will be one lucky little girl- you will be an awesome Mom! Congrats! Hope you start to feel better!

jEnNiE sTePhEnS said...

I am SOOOO happu for you Emilie!!!! What a awesome adventure you will have!!And A GIRL!!! Can we say black damask, and hot pink... hair flowers..... tutu's, dresses, lace leggings.... oh my oh my!!!!!