Monday, May 31, 2010

Today is a great landmark for Photo By Emilie - 500 Blog Posts!!!  I've been watching the number grow since Christmas waiting for the big day!!  I'm just so excited (I'm easily entertained:).

Here are a few more fun blog stats...

-My first blog post was on 9/19/07
-That's an average of a post every 1.94 days 
-I have posted over 2000 photos
-As of this moment, I've had 76703 people peek 
at my blog
-I have 59 people follow my blog (come join)!!

Thanks so much for all of you who peek at my photos.  I've LOVED keeping up my blog.  I hope you continue to stop by often.  If you come I'll keep the photos coming :)

Happy Peeking!!


Jackie said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I just found your blog last week and subscribed, your photos are very inspiring! I love it over here!

Shauna said...

Congratulations!! I have been stalking yor blog for about a year now, and I still love it. I always look forward to seeing yor latest pictures. Keep up the good work!