Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day Special - Workshops

New Spring Workshop Dates


Held in Draper, UT from 9am - 1pm

INCLUDES - My 60 page workbook, My Photo By Emilie Action Set, 5 hours of instruction & lots of great prizes. I only allow 12 students

YOU'LL LEARN - 1. Everything I wish I would have known about photography when I started. 2. Teach you how I learned to go from auto to manual - this to me is the difference between point & hope & point & create. This section is very basic & great for beginners. If you're a little more advanced it's still for you, because I approach the concepts as what's in my head & why I'm using the setting I'm using. 3. I teach you how I learned to look at light when I walk onto a location and why every position is in relation to where light falls & doesn't fall. I share my "go to" lighting positions & my rules to live by when shooting outside. 4. I teach you my 5-10 top poses for newborns, kids, family & portraits, and the tricks & games I play with children. Let me tell you right now, I don't go into a shoot hoping kids will smile & be cute for me. I go in with a plan on how I will create those images, and I am completely confident I can w/ my poses, tricks & games. Let's not forget, I'll share my favorite "take off 20 pounds" poses. 5. Last, I will teach you how I learned Photoshop. I Photoshop EVERY published image. This one skill will take your photos from good to great. I will teach you how to use the included Photo By Emilie action set, textures & dazzling eyes action. I teach basic concepts, great for beginners, however, I believe more advanced users will benefit from watching how I work my images & my action set.

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