Monday, April 19, 2010

Mini Post from Ty & Whit's Wedding

Here's just a mini post from Ty & Whit's wedding over the weekend in St. George. I have a epic post coming in a few days once I have a chance to edit a few more. I also have to narrow it down, as of right now I have about 400 images I want to post - oh how I wish there was a tree that grew minutes!!

Enjoy these, more to come!!

It was so blasted hot this weekend in St. George. There wasn't a cloud in the sky - This weekend was a confirmation to me why it's called "SUNNY St. George"!! Thanks Ali & Christeen for the delivering much needed bevs to us at the temple.

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Hughes Family said...

If you ever come to the Dallas, Tx area let me know. Your photos are AMAZING!!!!