Monday, April 26, 2010

Jill & her amazing dress

We shot Jill's bridals in a very popular spot downtown. I think I counted 6 other photographers coming & going. Some random lady stopped us & told Jill she was the most gorgeous bride she had ever seen, she then explained that she works nearby & seeing lots of brides getting photographed & really Jill was the most beautiful she'd ever seen. Is that the nicest ever!!


Jill said...

Thanks Emilie! I had so much fun and they look amazing!

April said...

Any idea where she got this dress or who makes it? This would be the perfect dress for my little sister!
p.s. love your work. i'm a friend of Mary's in AZ.

Photo By Emilie said...

Hi April, I believe they got it somewhere in Provo. Kara will know for sure, drop me an email