Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome to my FIRST photo contest!!!

Please come & vote for your favorite image. I've asked my summer '09 workshop attendees to send me their favorite image & list what they learned from my workshop.

Entry #1 - Twin Shepherds Adoring

Laura learned... "I love knowing how to bounce soft, bright light to my faces with the LiteDisc - something I'd never know without the workshop. And then theediting . . . WELL! First I crop and correct white balance - like Emilie. Then I layer and texture 'til I think it's just right. On this image I used her 'Classic Texture' (minus the cigarette butts!) Thank you for a chance to share my new-found art. I can't wait to see them all."

Entry #2 - Hawaiian Views
Laura learned... I think the biggest concept that I learned at the workshop was aperture and f-stops. I had only read explanations before but it didn't really click until you explained it in your own words. Understanding this has really helped the quality of my pictures.

Entry # 3 - Cory Reese's Pieces
Cory learned.... "Your concept that has changed my pictures the most is posing. You had so many unique ideas that seem to bring more personality to the pictures. And I use your Photoshop actions on every picture. They are amazing!"

Entry #4 - Maiya Pippin

Tawna learned... "I enjoyed learning most about Photoshop techniques to improve the lighting in pictures."
Entry #5 - My little Kennerman

Jessica learned... "The concept I learned most that changed my photos was perspective and simply capturing the the photo life. I learned to have fun, don't make it a chore, make it FUN!"

Entry #6 - I know it is a big world, but with my help you can do anything

Wendy learned... "This is my grandson and the photo shoot was a success because you took the time to teach people like me that just want to take better pictures for my posterity.An natural lighting as the key lighting was the concept that i loved learning about most."

Entry #7 - Cambry Skye

Shally learned... "The biggest thing that I learned from the workshop was LIGHTING. I always shot in bright sunlight, so the colors were off, and all my kids were squinting. :)"

Entry #8 - R is for Radiant

Sarah learned... "I actually think one of the most important things I learned is the verbage you use when shooting. Never telling anyone to "Smile" but actually getting a real smile out of them. Your workshop also taught me to be brave and get in there, down and dirty! Not to be afraid to get on the ground or whatever is needed to get an interesting and flattering shot."

{Voting end Friday, Nov 20th}

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