Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The AWESOME Field Trip!!

Last night I had the most awesome field trip. I had such a great time with these ladies. Thanks so much gals!! Here are some of the shots I got.

The smartie trick worked wonders on this little darling. After taking a few snaps I was trying to step out of the way so the other gals could step in & her little eyes where glued on me. I had to duck & bob behind the other gals so they could get a snap in. I'm telling you SMARTIES WORK!

We then went into this old shed to test our skills at a bit darker shooting. We talked a lot about flash during this little session.

Then back outside where we practiced our skills of posing & the tricks I use to get different emotions & expressions out of little ones.

I shared my "go to" positions & practiced a few out. TIP - when shooting this laying down pose shoot from the side of your subject, not from the top or bottom. One Upside down kid & One right side up kid isn't nearly as fun to look at as two side ways kids.

"Flare" Photography is becoming very popular so we tested out our skills on this super willing husband. It must have been a bit intimidating surrounding by women & cameras!!

Last but certainly not least we tested our skills on posing. We wanted to pose Emily (thanks Emily, you were a great sport!!) to make her look slim & trim and focus on that gorgeous face. We wanted to position this growing younger boy to make him appear strong & broad (the last thing we want is a young boy appearing slight!!)

Thanks again everyone!!! Be sure to remember to send out your photos to each other!!

6pm - 8pm
Cost is $89
(I only allow 6 students per field trip)

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Laura and her boys! said...

Are you doing field trips in St. George?