Monday, June 22, 2009

The Count Down!!

June 30th could not come fast enough!!! June 30th marks the beginning of my fabulous 25 day vacation!! AND the day Brian moves to UT. Every morning my little sleep head & I get up & remove a link from my paper chain. You wouldn't believe how slooooooowwwwww this last week went by!! EIGHT MORE DAYS!!

If you are interested in a photo session, I have one available session this week & then I'm away until July 25th.


Jac said...

Of course your paper chain is color coordinated with your home! Christmas is coming...eight days and counting! Yahoo!!

GretaZelda said...


Brian said...

In April I realized you were special and I felt hope.
In May I knew I was falling for you and I felt gratitude.
In June I became the happiest I have ever been because I felt loved
In July "WE" will be blessed with family,fun and a new future. "We" will replace "I" and we will happy.
Love Brian(PLease put some man colors in your home)