Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Need Your Help With My New Website!!

Enjoy the slide show of just a few of my favs!!!
I'm in the process of creating a new website and need your help deciding which images to showcase. Do you have favorites? I'll make you a deal - if you tell me which 5 images from my blog posts are your favorites I'll give you a free 5x7 on your next shoot!! Please respond by
Monday, Aug 18th!!
Thanks so much!!


Photo By Emilie said...

Thanks so much Jami for the slide show idea!!

Nick Scott Family said...

Wow Emilie!! Your pictures are amazing and it was hard for me to choose just 5. I think I would have to say ... 1,2,5,8, 12, 14, and 15. Okay I chose 7 of them. I absolutely LOVE number 14 and 15 (the baby on the chair and the family with the pregnant cute girl). Of course I'm going to choose 8 ... is that the cutest boy in the entire world?????? I like number one (just fun and different) I like number 2 (traditional Utah wedding), number 5 is a different unique wedding and then 12 just a natural looking photo of a single person. I think they all look fabulous and I did have a hard time choosing. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Our Favs...
amy and john, the clark fam, nicole, hendrix, lia.

Sara said...

I would have to say that I couldn't just choose 5...I had 6 that I LOVED! Here they are in no certain order: Syd, Lucy, Lia, Amy & John (of course), Boston, Presley on the way.
You have amazing tallent! Good luck with your new website. I am so stinking excited to see it!

Joe&Tori said...

OK I chose some that kinda showed you could do everything because you're amazing! Joe and Tori ( of course) for weddings- Ty because that picture is just the cuttest boy ever, Hendrix on the chair for your amazing baby photos along with syd, and last Presley on her way to show how cute your family photots are.

Matt Pilling said...


You've got some great work here.

My favs:

1. The St Louis shot of the arch through the brick window. Have you tried b/w bricks with the arch and the trees in color--that could be really cool or really Wizard of Oz.

2. The baby on the bookshelf in the green jumper. (the shot from farther out.)

3. Jack Sorenson in b/w.

4. The picture of Nicole on her dad's back where there both looking to the right. (July 26)

5. June 24--the kid looking at his feet while standing in the mud.

6. Honorable mention--the pic you took of my son Jacob in San Diego.

Matt P.

Larsen 4 said...

First let me say that was really hard to choose just 5. But after looking at the pictures again and again I would choose:
James & Nicole
Ali & Christeena
Joe & Tory
Clark Family

I loved looking at all your pictures and can't wait to book you for our family photos.

Jen and Johnny said...

I love to come to your blog to see your new pix!! The ones I would choose would be....Amy & John(wedding), Syd(darling baby!!!), Hendrix(either one is so so so cute!!), Heidi(wedding), Thompson kids, and Stacy fam. Sorry that is 6 but I like all of those!! Kind of different stages of life!!! I can't wait to see the new website!!!

Penny said...

How come just 5? That's too hard. Here are my favs. Ali and Christeen, Joe and Terri, Ty, Hendrix on the chair, Presley, Syd, Clark Family and Lia. Was that five? Close!

Natalie said...

How rude to make us choose 5!!! I don't think it matters what pictures you choose, they are all amazing. But, since you are making us choose here goes:
Joe & Tori
Amy & John
Hendrix (both pics!)
Eyre girls
Can't wait to see your new website!

The Fox Family said...

Hey Emilie!
Oh my goodness, there are so many cute picts to choose from! I really love the 2 of "Hendrix" one on the chair and one in that white pillow thing. Third favorite is "heidi" then "Amy and John" then "Stacey's fam". When is your next available to take Kate's 2 year old picts? I would love a mini shoot on any saturday you have open! Let me know... p.s. I still need to pick up those picts...sorry!!!
Cara Fox 865-8268

Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

ok my 5 fav or #'s 6,12,18,20,21 cuz it shows a variety of all your work oh adn you must put one of St. Louis too! awesome!

Kimberley said...

You are so talented! they are all good, but my votes are for, Hendrix, syd, lia and baby on the way, Joe & Tori, nicole & eyre girls

Photo By Emilie said...

Thank you so much to all of you!!! Your comments were way fun to read!! I'm hoping to have my website live today or tomorrow!! I'm so excited I couldn't sleep last night!!