Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 year old Kate

Remember this little cutie? I took photos of her and her family December 2007
Here she is again and she just turned 2!! Oh my, and her tiny puppy is almost as cute as she is. Little Kate is just as much of a pet lover as I am. Cara was telling me that they recently went on vacation and left the puppy at home. Kate cried for her every morning for her little buddy. That is so cute!!


hijodi said...

girl, what up! i am back at 'em... in town, checkin' the blog, and back to work. see you tonight?? i love the backdrop on these new darling pix!!

The Fox Family said...

Oh I absolutely love them! You are so so talented! Thanks for being so great with Kate!

Nick Scott Family said...

Okay - those pictures of that little girl Kate are amazing! She is a cutie - you did a great job.