Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Palm Springs is hot in June!!

This past weekend my girlfriends from High School and I took a road trip to Palm Springs. Why Palm Springs you may ask? Why Not!! It was hotter than H.E double wind mills!! Here are some photos. Thanks ladies for a whole lot of fun!! Next year lets go to Palm Springs in January ;)

This is Andrea who I will never forget, Julie who is fancy, Me and Danell who is the only one of us who said she would never go to a Chip & Dales show.

1st stop was Vegas to get Pedi's. A girls trip is not complete without painted toe nails.

We really did sit at the pool the entire trip!! Here is photo of the supplies necessary... sun screen, propel and the rafts in the back. If you look closely you can see an ipod and speakers (it was playing Angels & Airwaves for sure) and a couple of smutty magazines. All necessities!!

Here are some shots at the pool.

Here are a couple of shoots of the resort where we stayed. It was so super cool. It was a really big place. There were about 5 or 6 little casitas in a clump around a pool. There were 51 pools at the resort, every corner you turned there was another little pool. We had our very own pool all day. I could have wandered the resort and took pix all day. However, I lasted about 3 minutes in the 120 degree weather. So all you get is 2 photos. Be happy with what you got - I almost died taking these!!

What do you get on a trip with 4 girls? ... A really crammed shelf in the shower!! (see that little space in the right, that is where Andrea had her stuff she packed it before I had a chance to snap this shot. So really this is only 3 girls stuff! Wowers!!)

On our way home we happened to drive by a humongous spider, Danell and Julie really needed their photo taken in front of it. Whatever!! Really why I posted this shot was to point out the fancy outfit Julie wore for the 9 hour car ride home. Silk shirt you ask? Yes indeed. We teased her a bunch. She just blew us off like it was a natural thing to wear. When we stopped and got gas in Vegas Julie went up and paid to attend and he said, "you look nice, what you dressed up for?" I laughed so hard I nearly wet my britches. Julie, you truly are a Superstar!!

Thanks again ladies for the most fantastic trip!! Love you!!

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hijodi said...

Stop posting so many awesome pictures already. Them some hot mamas for sure!!!! It looks like you had an absolute BLAST. But I'm glad you are back to work. Must you take off to the POH again next week?