Monday, July 7, 2008

Family Reunion Bananza

Over the 4th of July we had my mom's side extended family reunion!! What a flip'n Ball!! Here are some of my favorite shots. To see more check out...

This is my gorgeous sister-in-law Taya who hates getting her photos taken (don't we all - however, she really takes it to the next level.) Last year's family photo did not include her. I had to tell several of my single girlfriends that my handsome older brother was NOT available! I caught her in a rare mood, in her swim suit no less and here you have it!! RRrrrRRRrrrrRRR!!

I've been so blasted busy the last few weeks, I'd decided I really needed a break. I brought Cathy the Camera just in case, not planning on taking very many photos, if any. Oh my, give me the most darling children on the planet, in the most fun place ever. How could I resist!!

This is a shot of the boys playing a horse shoe game of sorts that uncle Kim & cousin Wilson brought. Boy oh boy did they get competitive!!

This is a shot of Aunt Sandra showing the cousins her scrapbook of all the old family photos.

Dax is so cute in Tyler's helmet. We did a hole bunch of four wheeling. There was a canyon real close to the lake called 6 Mile Canyon. A pretty little stream, and really cool rock formations. That ride may have been the highlight!!

This not actually hers at all!! She was trying to convince us and all the neighboring campsites that if fact it was hers. But, no it really wasn't at all. Katie & Brielle, I hope you finally got to ride you bikes today after a weekend of having it taken over by Lia.

This is my handsome older brother Ryan. He is hysterical!! The first night, Ali & I swore we heard someone tapping on our window. We got all freaked out and went running upstairs and had Taz, my younger brother come and check the window. We figured out it was just the fireworks (okay, so it totally sounded like tapping!! Even my parent in the next condo over thought someone was tapping at first.) The following night it happened again, but this time it was loud and hard. We run to window and peaked out and there was Ryan running for cover. What a punk. He saw us and we saw him - we laughed & laughed and then settled in for bed. About 30 minutes later we hear something small like a pebble hit our window. We laughed, thinking he's gone back out there - he totally can't fall asleep and is bored. This goes on a few more times. Then I get a grand idea to go lock him out of his condo. So I wait for the next tap to make sure he's still out there, then I ran next door to lock him out. THE DOOR WAS ALREADY LOCKED. I freaked out, it totally wasn't Ryan out there. (Dad & Mom had the only key, there is no way he track it down to lock the door behind him just to go out to tease us.) By the way, it's like 1:30 in the morning by this time. Ali and I watched out slits in the blinds for a good 10-15 minutes for any sign of preditors. Nothing!! But the tip taps just kept on coming. We had no choice - we called Mom & Dad!! We scrambled over to their condo and told them all about it. We decided to entarigate Ryan, who was upstairs. We found him laying in the bed in a room by himself (1st clue something was up!) He was laying under an open window with no screen (2nd clue!). After a good 5 minute of Ali shining her cell phone light in his face did he admit that he had been hanging out the window throwing small items at our window. What a punk!! The next morning we found an assortment of pennies & golf tees under our window. All I have to say is, Ryan you better watch your back!!


hijodi said...

great stuff Em!!!!!

The Decker Fam said...

Oh my, these chldren will never grow up. But they sure have fun! Em, that is one of the rare photos of Ryan with a real, genuine smile. Thank you! Get me a big copy of that.

Jami said...

thanks for taking such awesome pictures!!! You really are very very talented!!

Natalie said...

You did a great job with all of the pictures. I have loved just sitting here looking at everyone and it made me feel like I didn't miss out as much!!!! You are awesome and you crack me up with your comments on your posts!!! Keep 'em comin'!!!!