Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Crofts

4 Handsome boys & 1 breathtaking little girl!! Their photo was immediately put on "my favorite outfits" blog!! How amazing
do they all look!?! Thank you for spending the better
half of the afternoon with me.
I had a wonderful time getting to know all of you!!

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kaitlin said...

Emilie! Hey it's Kaity Baker (well, Lambert now...)
Anyway, Alli told me you were doing photography and I want to tell you that you're AMAZING. Oh my goodness, how long have you been doing this for? I want to get some pictures of me and jon (my husband) and our dog (hobbes). What do you charge? Also Kendra is preggers, which you probably already know. I was thinking as a gift to do some belly shots with her. What do you think? She's like 5 months along and not even showing yet though. Anyway, let me know! Love ya!